Press Release: YA World War II/Regency Series, The ‘Dark Mirror’ by MJ Putney Released for International Ebook Distribution.

Press Release

YA World War II/Regency Series, The ‘Dark Mirror’ by MJ Putney Released for International Ebook Distribution.

New York, NY, September 10, 2014 — Fast-paced imaginative series The Dark Mirror by NYTimes Best-Selling Author MJ Putney (Mary Jo Putney) has been released for international distribution.

About The Dark Mirror Series (Young Adult; Historical Fiction; Fantasy; Time Travel)
Book One, Dark Mirror begins in 1803 Regency Britain, where magic exists but is disdained. When her noble family discovers that sixteen year old Lady Victoria Mansfield (Tory) is afflicted with magical abilities, they send her away to Lackland Abbey to be cured. Her world shattered, Tory’s deepest wish is to return home. But when she is forced to battle her very nature, Tory’s goals change and she starts to forge a new path. She joins a small, secret group nicknamed ‘The Irregulars’. Together they study magic in hopes of using it to defend Britain from an invasion by Napoleon. But disaster strikes one evening when they are discovered. Forced to flee, Tory accidentally falls through a time portal that takes her forward to 1940. There Tory finds war torn England bracing for a different invasion, from Nazi Germany.

Against vivid historical backdrops that include Dunkirk, Nazi occupied France and Regency England, Tory and The Irregulars continue their adventures in Dark Passage. Fast paced, historically accurate and imaginative, the series culminates in Dark Destiny. The Irregulars have experienced sacrifice, honor, friendship and loyalty. Will it be enough when they suddenly find danger on their doorstep? With the help of their twentieth century friends can the Irregulars dig deep within themselves and stop Napoleon from invading England?

Praise For The Dark Mirror Series

“Putney, an award-winning adult romance author, keeps the pace fast, adds a dash of suspense and shines a friendly light on history while providing plenty of entertainment in her first novel for teens.” – Kirkus Reviews

Dark Mirror was nominated by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) as one of the best YA novels of 2011.

“One of the best stories I’ve ever read that mixes history, magic, and time travel.” – Angel, 15 years old, from the teen advisory board of New Albany-Floyd County Library in Indiana.

About the Author

M. J. Putney is the author of the young adult fantasy novels Dark Mirror and Dark Passage. As Mary Jo Putney she has made all of the national bestseller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, and Publishers Weekly. M. J. is fond of reading, cats, travel, and most of all, great stories.